The Featherweight Philtre

The Featherweight Philtre is a potion made from several common Alarian weeds and herbs. It was observed to encompass elements of both Weaving (the science of altering reality) and Nasitra’nëja (Artisanship, or the art of healing the sick). The potion, when administered orally, makes the patient temporarily weightless, from whence its naming.

Invented by Lady Saah, a mysterious former Weaveress and self-taught Artisan at The Golden Goose Healing Practice of Solidago, the Featherweight Philtre was originally used to facilitate the transport of incapacitated patients too heavy to lift/be moved. Although Lady Saah had never meant her potion to be used in such fashion, the Philtre became an illegal doping substance in athletic competitions and even opened a whole line of “Alarian Weight Loss Products” which promise to make the consumer “as light as a feather”.

The Featherweight Philtre was legally used by the iconic Vivian Amberville during the “Weaver Trials” – namely The Trial of Paths – to help her reach the highest platform before any of her Alters (her three-most capable Doppelgangers from alternate realities).

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2018