The Weaver of Gambles

Many literary works had been written over Vivian Amberville’s legendary power to alter odds and circumstances by simply “thinking things true”. None of these books, however, told the story of how Vivian got banned from every casino in England.

Everyone knew Vivian could “bend the odds in her favour” by predicting which number will turn up on a die, a card, or a lottery ticket. Her thoughts were said to be so potent, she could virtually make the most unlikely thing imaginable, a possible scenario.

To someone whose imagination could alter the very fabric of reality, hitting the Casino’s jackpot several times in a row was child’s play. To the Casino’s Attendants, however, it was evidence of deceit.

‘But I wasn’t cheating!’ cried Vivian, when the Milton Madhad Casino kicked her onto the streets, and banned her from ever returning again. ‘Well, at least I cleaned them best I could,’ she beheld the coloured tokens in the palm of her hand, which she knew to stand for a several million quid. ‘On to the next!’

The National Casino in London dramatically kicked her out, on suspicion of fraud.

‘—haven’t loaded nor sanded the dice!’

The High Stakes Casino of Bristol banned her on reasons of “strange behaviour”.

‘You’re too calm and composed,’ said one of the roulette croupiers. ‘It’s almost as if you… expect to win!’

‘Yes, well, it’s all a matter of mindset, isn’t it?’

By the end of the week, Vivian had been preliminarily banned from every working casino in England. As for her income, Vivian decided to donate her full Casino earnings to the sick and unfortunate souls living in cardboard houses, in the poorest areas of Great England: the ghettos and the Floods.

- Louise Blackwick

Advent 2017